Customer Rewards Program

Join Our Rewards Program!

How it Works...

  • Fill out a card that we keep here at the store.
  • Make 6 purchases within 18 months, on different days.
    • No minimum purchase required.
    • Sale items do not count towards the card.
  • We total up your 6 purchases (before tax) and calculate 10% of the total.
  • That 10% then becomes a discount off of your 7th purchase! Hooray, free money!
  • Your card will expire after 18 months if the 6 purchases are not completed. However, once your card is full, your discount value will not expire!
  • Fill 2 cards in 18 months, and you'll become a VIP in Joshua's Club with even more perks!
  • Maintain your annual VIP status by continuing to fill one card every 18 months.