Reversible Cap Fairy/Unicorn
Reversible Cap Fairy/Unicorn
Reversible Cap Fairy/Unicorn

Reversible Cap Fairy/Unicorn

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Reversible cap fairy/unicorn 2-6yr

Welcome to wonderland! Your fairy princess can cast a spell in Magical Magenta and transform into Luminous Lilac. She can follow the rainbow to imaginary worlds in this durable and reversible mystical themed baseball hat. This reversible kids cap features a beautifully embroidered fairy princess on one side and unicorn under a rainbow on the other. 

Worried about the sun's harmful rays? This hat has UPF 50+ sun protection and keeps 99% of those harmful rays off of your child's noggin. You'll love the softness of this reversible kids army cap, made with 100 percent cotton. Each hat has an adjustable Velcro closure on the back to fit your child as she grows. What's not to love?


2-in-1 reversible kids baseball cap design

Adjustable velcro closure

100% cotton

UPF 50+ 


Side 1:

Embroidered image: Fairy

Embroidered text: “Free Spirit”

Cap colour: Hot pink with a purple brim

Side 2:

Embroidered image: Unicorn

Embroidered text: “U-nique”

Cap colour: Lilac with a purple brim